List of Gyroplane Examiners and Instructors operating in the UK

This list is maintained by the UK Strut of the International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training ( If you are on this list and your information has changed please contact

#Name Qualification Single
1David Beevers SE/FI Yes Yorkshire Melbourne Part Time 07761 539045
2Steve Boxall SE/FIC/FI/NIGHT/CPL - Basingstoke Popham Full Time 07905 059789
3Will Roomes FE/FIC/FI/NIGHT/(CPL) - Inverness Inverness Airport Full Time 07787 533388
4Kevin Robinson FE/FIC/FI - (Non UK) Full Time k.j.robinson@ntlworld.com07967 646673
5Peter Davies FE/FI Yes Preston Part Time 07533 663599
6Chris Jones FE/FI Yes Kirkbride Kirkbride Full Time 07796 955805
7Kai Maurer FE/FI - Rochester Rochester Full Time 07508 601964
8Nick Wright FE/FI - Devon Exeter Full Time 07734 055791
9Graham Slater FE/FI - Wiltshire Clench Common Part Time 07831 350928
10Andy Jones FE/FI - Oxford Popham Full Time 07855 301799
11Kevin WhiteheadFE/FI - Perth Scone Airfield Full Time kevin.whitehead@GyrocopterExperience.com07411 747272
12Owen Brooking FE/FI - East London Damyn's Hall Full Time owen.brooking@GyrocopterExperience.com07473 816108
13Jim Hughes GE/FI - Yorkshire Rufforth Part Time 07966 450212
14Clive Rose GE/FI - Oxford Mobile South of England Part Time 07773 338020
15Tom Galloway GE/FI - Herefordshire Shobdon Part Time 07802 506499
16Phil Robinson GE/FI - Manchester Barton Full Time 07973 673620
17Nick PhippenGE/FI - Inverness Inverness Airport Full Time 07876 743327
18Roger Savage FI - Cumbria Berrier Part Time 07836 272033
19Andy Hawes FI - Norfolk Beccles Part Time 07789993818
20Steve Pearce FI - Cheshire Sleap Part Time 07944 118995
21Matthew Sellers FI - York Rufforth Part Time 07890 097674
22Richard OsborneFI - Perth Scone Airfield Part Time 07889 802719
23David Rogerson FI - Wiltshire Clench Common Part Time 07973 501190
24Pauli Murphy FI - North Wales Caernarfon Part Time 07768 603365
25Kip Morton FI - Part Time 07794 265503
26Alistair MannFI - Surrey Fairoaks Part Time 07768 331843
27Mark QuinnFI(R) - Part Time 07880 707489
28Brian BudderyFI(R) - Part Time 07824 552185
29Lloyd CarnieFI(R) - ShorhamBrighton City Airport Part Time 07711 918037
30Arnold CourtFI(R) - RochesterRochester Part Time 07950 276100
SE: Senior Examiner (Can examine Examiners/Instructors/Pilots, set theoretical exams and Revalidate Examiner/Instructor/Pilot Licences)
FIE: Flight Instructor Examiner (Can examine Instructors/Pilots, set theoretical exams and Revalidate Instructor/Pilot Licences)
FE: Flight Examiners (Can examine Pilots, set theoretical exams and RevalIdate Pilot Licences)
GE : Ground Examiner (Can set theoretical exams and Revalidate Pilot Licences)
FIC : Flying Instructor Courses (Can run Instructor courses)
FI : Flying Instructor (Can teach pilots and run their own school)
FI(R): Flying Instructor (Can teach pilots at an existing school)
NIGHT: Can teach existing pilots to fly at night
CPL: Can teach the CPL(G) Course
Items in []: Holds the qualification but currently lapsed